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Camp Bestival, Cirque Bijou, Diverse City & The Elle McCarthy Trust 

Breaking the Guinness World Record for most number of disco dancers, dancing at the same time. 598! 

Performer & Facilitator: Jodie Cole 

Green Space Dark Skies 

Unboxed, Walk The Plank Arts & Extraordinary Bodies 

Assistant movement director & assistant producer: Jodie Cole 

Your Dream Disco 

Margate Contemporary Dance & Looping The Loop 

Working in collaboration with the local Cliftonville community to create our dream disco, over a series of workshops and culminating event. 

Lead Artists: Jodie Cole, Carli Jefferson, & Anna Symes

Extraordinary Bodies Community Film

"Working with the communities is how we can really make change. It is some of the most joyful work we do. During the pandemic, we developed a short film made with communities called 'Human', which adds to the themes in our live show Human. We created it together with the Extraordinary Bodies creative team, our international network of circus artists, communities from Plymouth, Rochdale and Poole, and with help from biggerhouse film".

Created by Jodie Cole during the Weston Jerwood Creative Fellowship

Bunker Of Zion

The Collaborative Touring Network, Looping The Loop, Inspiration Creative & John Pfumojena

Associate Artist: Jodie Cole 

Margate Contemporary Dance 

Power of Women  Festival
Turner Contemporary
Union Church

Director: Jodie Cole.


Bunker of Zion
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